Christopher Kovacs


Last updated: May 2012

Teacher, Trainer, Designer, Innovator, Leader, Idea Guy, Idea-Implementing Guy

I'm a certified education and technology professional with more than 20 years experience teaching in workshop, classroom and lecture environments. I've taught English as a Foreign Language (including TOEFL and TOEIC), business and technology, and have years of experience in development and delivery of training in a corporate environment, on subjects ranging from leadership and teamwork to culture to tech. I've managed teams of people in the IT and hospitality industries, and I have years of experience in software development and design, and in building websites like this one. I've spent decades travelling and working worldwide, and have developed a highly tuned multicultural awareness and communicative ability in a bunch of languages. I am flat-out awesome, pretty much.

  • Consulting and custom leadership course design, POSCO Engineering and Construction.
  • Years of experience in project management, software design and business process analysis and automation.
  • Lived, worked and travelled globally for over two decades.
  • Led skunkworks software and services rapid development team in Sydney, Australia.
  • Managed international front desk staff in various resort hotels in Canada and abroad.
  • Corporate teaching, training and workshop design and delivery in Australia and Korea.
  • British Columbia post-graduate secondary teacher certification.
  • Public school teaching in Canada.
  • Head Foreign Teacher of BCM Language Institute, Busan, Korea.
  • University English Instructor : curriculum and instruction certified 'A+++' by Korean Ministry of Education 2001/2002 academic year, voted top instructor with eight of top ten ranked classes across all faculties according to student surveys.
  • Ten years English and Business class instruction and workshop delivery, executive tutoring, proofreading and editing, POSCO/POMIC/POSRI, Gwangyang, Korea.
  • Design and development of telephone English testing program and Business English course and textbook, POSCO, Gwangyang, Korea.

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